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Redefine Your Shape with Smartlipo®

Do you have areas of fat that aren’t responding to a regular diet and exercise routine? Or looking for a more defined neck and jawline without the need for surgery? Smartlipo Triplex laser face and body contouring treatments can remove stubborn fat with less pain and recovery than traditional liposuction. If eating healthy and exercising just isn’t cutting it, give Smartlipo a try!



How does laser contouring work?

Smartlipo laser liposuction treatments use three unique wavelengths to customize treatment for each patient. Laser facelifts use thermal energy to produce collagen, which helps tighten and firm the neck and jawline. Laser body contouring with Smartlipo is designed to melt fat below the surface of the skin and remove it through gentle suction. This laser energy melts fat while tightening tissue, giving you a smoother shape overall.

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What to expect during laser liposuction

Each laser body contouring treatment lasts less than two hours and a laser facelift lasts less than an hour. While patient experience may vary, some people achieve desired results in a single treatment. Results should be visible within a week of laser liposuction treatment with continued improvement over 3-6 months. There is low discomfort associated with laser face and body contouring and minimal downtime needed following treatment.


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Smartlipo body contouring treatments are ideal for: