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Do you have unwanted freckles, dark spots, or sun damage? It’s nearly impossible to avoid signs of aging as you grow older, but you can treat your complexion to keep that youthful glow. Icon laser skin revitalization treatments are designed to reverse the appearance of sun damage and facial vessels. Stop hiding spots and start showing off a clearer complexion!



How does laser dark spot removal work?

The Icon uses specialized pulses of laser energy delivered directly to problem areas without causing any harm to the surrounding skin. This light energy is designed to fade away brown spots, sun damage, and rosacea using your body’s natural processes.

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What to expect during laser skin revitalization

Each laser sun spot reduction treatment takes anywhere from 5-30 minutes. Every patient experience is different, but some patients may see best results from multiple laser skin revitalization sessions. You should see a gradual decrease in the appearance of sun damage and vessels to reveal a more even skin tone overall. Icon laser sun damage reduction treatments are non-invasive with low discomfort, so you can return to your daily activities following the session without any downtime.


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Laser dark spot removal treatments are safe for most skin types and are ideal to:

Reduce sun spots

Remove facial veins

Reduce uneven skin tone and rosacea